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  1. The Vice Chairman, Robert Hartley, opened the meeting at 10.05am. He welcomed everyone and thanked the 25 members for attending.
  2. Absent Friends: Robert announced that no group members, as far as the committee are aware, had passed during the previous year.
  3. The Secretary read out the formal notice convening the 47th Annual General Meeting.
  4. Apologies for absence had been received from: Linda & Doug Rowberry, Jerry & Pam Dain, Dave & Pam McCaughey, Derek & Maggie Mills, Michael & Alison Ogden, Dave & Wendy Bushall, Phil & Sue Sowden, Barry & Sue Smith, Veronica Trevett, Jo & Roger Beim, Dennis & Jackie Waby, Katherine & Royston Gallagher, Keith Snook, John & Sandra Watson, Laurie & Sandra Andrews, Albert & Charlotte Nightingale.
  5. Minutes of 2020 AGM had been circulated via email to all members prior to the AGM. There were no outstanding actions from these minutes. They were proposed to be a true record by Peter Collins, seconded by Mike Toogood and accepted.
  6. Matters arising from Minutes of 2020 AGM. There were no matters arising.
  7. Chairman’s Report: This was emailed to all members prior to the AGM. The Vice chair thanked the current chairman for his calm guidance given to the committee during the difficult pandemic period. All of the members present agreed, and thanked both Derek and Maggie for their support of the group to resurrect the group rallies (Temporary Campsites, (TCS)) during 2021.
  8. Financial Report: A Report and Income and Expenditure Account for the year ending 31 July 2021 had been drawn up by the Treasurer and had been circulated. There was a discussion on how the group can reduce the current balance by subsidising various activities at TCS. This was agreed by all the members present, in agreement with members the committee will look at how this can best be achieved during the 2022 period. The financial report was proposed to be a true record by Geoffrey Randall, seconded by Tony Hinxman and carried.
  9. Independent Accounts Examiner: Mrs Debbie Ferguson; has agreed to continue with the examination of the groups accounts another year. There was no objections made from the floor.
  10. The Rally Officer briefed the meeting with the ongoing issues with finding suitable locations for the groups TCS. He is now only looking at Rugby and football fields/clubs when suitable or commercial sites, and schools if they are available, however with the current climate this is proving to be very difficult. Some locations are now asking for astronomical money to pay for the hire of locations, which he is not prepared to pass onto the members for nightly costs. The new 2022 TCS programme was made available at the AGM for volunteer hosts this will be available on the website soon. He reminded all members present that if no hosts were forthcoming then TCS will be cancelled. Please look to support the group as a host where you can or if you have spare capacity. A vote of thanks came from the floor to thank Andy for all his efforts during the past year to secure and provide suitable locations for the groups TCS.
  11. The secretary briefed the meeting on the new website which has now been up and running for a year. He asked for a show of hands from members who use the website, nearly all members who attended raised their hands. This will be the main means of communication to members on future TCS also email will be used.
  12. Election of Group Committee, by Poll: five of the current committee have decided to stand down, with six agreeing to stand again. There were no new nominations received by the group secretary prior to the AGM. The Vice Chairman gave thanks for all those committee members who have stood down, for all their hard work. Dawn Bartlam had agreed to hand out the ballot forms and complete the count. Once counted these were handed to the Secretary, who declared that all those nominated had been elected unanimously. The duly elected committee is Maria pond, Andy Mundy, Alastair Bartlam, Robert Hartley, Annabella Hartley, Gill Horder.
  13. The new committee met briefly during the coffee break, returning to announce the following committee roles:

Chair Lady: Maria Pond

Vice Chair:  Andy Mundy

Treasurer:  Robert Hartley

Secretary:   Ali Batlam

Rally Officer: Andy Mundy

Entertainment: Gill Horder

Safety:        Ann Hartley

Scribe:        Maria Pond

The meeting was declared closed at 11:15 hrs.

Minutes of the members meeting

  1. The Chair Lady opened the meeting at 11:15 hrs.
  2. The Treasure, Robert Hartley, then briefed the members on the possible use of contactless payment systems, and bank transfers at future TCS. After a long debate with the members it was decided that the committee would look at implementing a cash and Bank transfer payment for some TCS during 2022.
  3. The Charity for 2021 to 2022 will remain as “Tylers Friends” due to the difficult year that we have been having to raise funds for this worthy charity. There was a couple of nominations that came from the floor for 2022 to 2023 charity, however due to the limited number it was decided that this is left for the committee to sort through during 2022 for a suitable charity to be found. The suggested charities at the moment are:
    1. Teenage Cancer Trust – one based in Poole.
    2. Forrest Home – based in Poole.

If any members have any other suggestions can these be passed to the group secretary for discussion at the group committee meeting.

4. Peter Collins proposed a vote of thanks to all those committee members who have stood down this year. This received a round of applause from all at the meeting.

5. Chum Randall proposed a vote of thanks to all the past and current committee for their committed support to the group which ensures that it will continue to run through 2022.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 11:50 hrs.