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  1. The Chairman, Derek Mills, opened the meeting at 10.05am. He welcomed everyone and thanked the 21 members for attending.
  2. Absent Friends: A minute’s silence in remembrance was observed in memory of those members we had lost this year.
  3. The Secretary read out the formal notice convening the 46th Annual General Meeting.
  4. Apologies for absence had been received from: Linda & Doug Rowberry, Sue & Darren Eyres, Jerry & Pam Dains, Dave & Pam McCaughey
  5. Minutes of 2019 AGM had not been circulated, however these were reviewed during the AGM. They were proposed to be a true record by Dawn Bartlam, seconded by Ali Bartlam and accepted.
  6. Matters arising from Minutes of 2019 AGM. There were no matters arising.
  7. Chairman’s Report: This was announced at the start of the meeting. A difficult year for all members, however we have managed to work our way through.  There were no comments or questions.
  8. Financial Report: A Report and Income and Expenditure Account for the year ending 31 July 2020 had been drawn up by the Treasurer and had been circulated. There was one question from the group. That was seconded by Andy Mundy and carried.
  9. Independent Accounts Examiner: Mrs Debbie Ferguson; has agreed to continue with the examination of the groups accounts another year. There was no objections made from the group.
  10. The Secretary, spoke on the current state of play with the membership, 240 members when first taking over the appointment. As at today the group has 214 members, 23 members have decided not to renew their membership since April. However 8 new members have joined the group in this time. The secretary will email the Webmaster about taking on the group website, this will be for the group to purchase the site from Toni Waller. The committee will be informed of the outcome.
  11. The Charity for 2021 to 2022 will remain as “Tylers Friends” due to the difficult year that we have been having to raise funds for this worthy charity.
  12. Election of Group Committee, There was no requirement to elect a new committee as all of the previous members have volunteered to remain in their current roles as follows: Chairman: Derek Mills Vice Chair: Robert Hartley Secretary:   Alastair Bartlam Treasurer:   Robert Hartley Rally Officer:  Andy Mundy Safety Officers:  Dave and Pam McCaughey Entertainment:  Gill Horder Scribe:               Dave McCaughey Members:  Keith Curwain, Maria Pond, Annabella Hartley, Veronica Trevett
  13. There was no objections received by the Secretary or at the meeting.
  1. The Chairman wished to pass on his thanks to Veronica, who for the past seven years has done an outstanding work as the groups Treasurer. Veronica has volunteered to remain on the committee to support and help out where required. The Chairman would also like to pass on his thanks to Andy Mundy our group Rally Officer, he has worked tirelessly to ensure that the group can have some Temporary Campsites once authority was given by the MCC Head Office.
  2. Barry Smith passed comment on the excellent work that Derek and Maggie Mills had achieved to ensure that the groups Temporary Campsite where hosted in a safe manor, within the Covid 19 restrictions. This was fully agreed by all that were present.
  3. Andy Mundy, our Rally Officer announced that 18 Temporary Campsites had been planned for 2021, these will start in February 2021. The Rally book will not be published for 2021, instead an A4 sheet with all Temporary Campsites listed will be sent to members via email.
  4. The Chairman thanks all those who had taken the time and opportunity to involve themselves with the first WW AGM on line via Zoom.
  5. The meeting was declared closed at 10.30am.